2 more princesses.

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Boxing Mulan.



Tiana the barbarian.



Tiana’s pose is inspired by every boy’s favorite movie of all time!

Ohhh kaaay.

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Pocahontas the knife thrower.

How many more???

Fighting princesses series continue somehow.

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Capoeira Jasmin.


Oops, the style is changing.  Getting rougher and rougher I feel…


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Fighting Snow White.

Assassin Cinderella.

Wonder Aurora.

Wrestling mermaid.

“This is for jeopardizing my life, asshole!”

MMA Bell.

To be continued… maybe.

Trying to update my site.

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I’ve been trying to update my website and blog but it’s been a slow process.  The site is not quite ready yet but I’m gonna start posting (at least try) stuff here anyways.  The last post of my old blog is dated 2009, which is not cool.

I was doodling 2 nights ago and I posted it to my FB. Then last night, I suddenly felt like I should work on it a bit farther.  And this.

I’ve been thinking of leaving vector for a while, but now I really feel like I need to go back to basics.